Pediatric Emergency Assessment & Management (PEAM) Course

Empowering Nurses to Champion Children’s Critical Care

This 3-hour intensive course equips nurses with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively assess and manage pediatric emergencies.

Course Description:

Children present unique challenges in emergencies. Their physiology and communication abilities differ significantly from adults, demanding specialized approaches. This PEAM course, delivered by the Indian Society of Emergency and Cardiac Nurses, dives deep into pediatric emergency care, empowering nurses to become confident and capable advocates for young patients.

What You Will Learn:

Pediatric Assessment Techniques: Master age-specific assessment techniques to accurately identify and prioritize critical conditions in children.
Common Pediatric Emergencies: Gain in-depth knowledge of prevalent pediatric emergencies such as respiratory distress, fever, seizures, and trauma.
Effective Communication Strategies: Learn to effectively communicate with children, parents, and caregivers in stressful situations.
Essential Interventions: Develop proficiency in essential interventions like airway management, fluid resuscitation, and pain management in pediatric patients.

Target Audience

This course is designed for registered nurses (RNs) working in emergency departments, pediatric units, or any setting where they may encounter pediatric emergencies.

Course Fee:100.00 RS

Pediatric Emergency Assessment & Management 14th July 2024 @16:00 to 19:00 Hrs